Northern Rock (Guernsey) Limited
(in voluntary liquidation)

Following a strategic review of its commercial operations, the Board of Northern Rock plc has closed its banking operation in Guernsey.

On 30 September 2010, after taking all reasonable efforts to trace remaining customers, the Board of Northern Rock (Guernsey) Limited placed the company in voluntary liquidation and appointed Ashley Charles Paxton and Steven David Stormonth of KPMG Channel Islands Limited as joint Liquidators to the company.

Unclaimed Balances

Any outstanding customer balances held with Northern Rock (Guernsey) Limited as at 30 September 2010 were deemed 'unclaimed accounts' and the management of these unclaimed accounts has passed to the Liquidators. If you wish to claim an outstanding balance, you will need to contact the Liquidators directly, ensuring you provide suitable identification to verify your claim.

For claims please write to:

Ashley Paxton & Steven Stormonth, Liquidators
Northern Rock (Guernsey) Limited (in voluntary liquidation)

Postal Address: Physical Address:
PO Box 521 20 New Street
St Peter Port St Peter Port
Guernsey Guernsey
Channel Islands Channel Islands


For other enquiries you can telephone (+44) (0) 1481 714600 or fax (+44) (0) 1481 712710 or email